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COBOL Debugging and Maintenance in the LE Environment

Recommended Duration:
2 Days
COBOL for OS/390 and VM
Also appropriate for shops running COBOL for MVS & VM, COBOL/370, VS COBOL II, COBOL for VSE, or any ANSI 85 COBOL.
The student learns how to use the Language Environment (LE) and COBOL facilities for debugging as well as how to effectively do maintenance on a module that has been debugged. The Linkage Editor and Program Binder are also discussed extensively.
COBOL programmers who need to know how to code calling and called programs (subroutines) and who need to know how to debug these programs in the LE environment; programmers who need to know how to use the Linkage Editor or Program Binder for maintenance.
Basic understanding of the COBOL language, and a working knowledge of how to code JCL statements. Fundamental understanding of CALL statements and basic subroutine concepts.
Major Topics
  • Overview of Language Environment
  • COBOL compiler options, inputs, outputs, and cataloged procedures
  • Sources of information
  • Anatomy of a COBOL compile listing
  • LE dump reading
  • Subroutines and parameters
  • Static and dynamic calls
  • The Linkage Editor and the Program Binder
  • LE condition handling concepts
  • The LE run-time environment
  • Debugging features of the language
  • LE debugging services (CEE3DMP, CEE3ABD, CEETEST)
  • 31-bit addressing considerations
There are three hands-on exercises.