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TSO REXX Programming

Recommended Duration:
5 Days
Students who complete this course will be able to accomplish work using native TSO commands and the powerful capabilities of the REXX language. REXX exec's are developed that can be immediately useful in everyday work.
Applications and systems programmers who need to know how to use TSO commands and how to create REXX exec's. Anyone who will be creating or maintaining applications written to run under the Dialog Manager (ISPF).
The student entering this course should have 3 months recent experience using the ISPF/PDF text editor to insert, delete, change, define and copy lines and should be able to code JCL to run simple batch jobs or have completed the "Introduction to TSO/ISPF" and "MVS and OS/390 JCL and Utilities" courses within the last 12 months. Programming background is strongly recommended.
Major Topics
  • The Terminal Monitor Program (TMP) 
  • TSO Commands
  • REXX Statements
  • REXX Built in functions
  • Debugging and TRACE
  • Stacks and Buffers
  • File l/O using EXECIO 
  • Compound Symbols 
  • Error Handling 
  • Subroutines
  • Running execs in background 
  • Running programs in foreground and background 
  • The REXX Compiler 
  • Level 2 REXX
There are fourteen standard machine exercises, and four optional machine exercises.