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Oracle SQL Statement Tuning

Recommended Duration:
2 Days
Oracle 12c and Oracle 11g
(earlier course versions available)
Participants will improve SQL so that they may more efficiently satisfy user needs. The latest releases of Oracle products will be discussed. Hands-on exercises will allow participants to: practice complex SQL statements, learn how to use catalog tables, properly use indexes, be able to detect and improve many common performance problems.
Experienced users of Oracle and SQL needing to tune Oracle applications.
Previous Oracle experience or education is essential to understanding the advanced topics presented in this class. Participants should be familiar with both SQL and SQL*Plus or SQL Developer (or the locally-select tool).
Major Topics
  • Oracle RDBMS concepts and data storage
  • Advanced SQL usage
  • Complex SELECT statements (subqueries, joins, and outer joins)
  • SQL Performance statements:
    Merge, multi-table Insert, Returning, Materialized Views, WITH subquery, aggregation features, moreā€¦
  • System catalog tables
  • Indexing, proper use of indexes
  • Caching
  • Optimizing SQL
  • Hints
  • SQL use of indexes
  • Trace
  • Trace 10046 and Wait Events
  • PL/SQL
There are twelve hands-on machine exercises.