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Oracle Technical Overview

Recommended Duration:
1 Day
Oracle 10g. Course covers Oracle9i and Oracle8i, it is also useful for shops using Oracle8 or Oracle 7.
The Oracle's database and its associated tools are presented in an overview fashion, providing a good overall picture of how the system works. Application planning issues, highlights, and pitfalls are presented and discussed interactively with attendees.
Management, Users, Programmers, and anyone else desiring an overview of the Oracle environment.
No prior knowledge of Oracle, its tools, or SQL are required.
Major Topics
  • Relational database concepts
  • Objects and other new features
  • Oracle product overview
  • Comparison of Oracle tools to other tools
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Overview of basic SQL queries 
  • Review of Oracle object creation and physical storage
  • Overview of SQL data manipulation and management commands
  • Introduction to Pro*C or Pro*COBOL interface
  • Developer Forms demonstration
  • Developer Reports demonstration
  • Oracle and Java demonstration
  • Future directions for Oracle
There are no exercises.