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PL/SQL for Developers

Recommended Duration:
2 Days
Oracle 11g. Course covers Oracle 11g, Oracle9i and Oracle8i. (earlier course versions available).
Participants will learn to use PL/SQL to enhance the operations of their Oracle applications. Several exercises will take students from the basics of PL/SQL through fairly extensive routines complete with looping, cursors, and error handling. Oracle9i students will learn and practice using the new features of PL/SQL.
Application developers and designers who will use PL/SQL in their applications.
Prior knowledge of Oracle fundamentals and basic SQL is necessary. No previous experience with PL/SQL is required.
Major Topics
  • Introduction to PL/SQL, syntax and fundamentals
  • PL/SQL statements including Arithmetic, Looping, and Conditional Logic
  • Error handling (Oracle-defined & user-defined)
  • Using cursors
  • PL/SQL Tables
  • User Defined Records and Objects
  • Procedures, Functions, and Packages
  • PL/SQL Parameters
  • Triggers
  • Built-in Packaged Procedures
  • Bulk bind
  • New features of PL/SQL
There are five machine exercises.